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Message From Principal

Message From Principal

Last modified on: Sunday Aug 30, 2020

"Those children who constantly engage in action, attain perfection, gain expertise in their respective targets"


Our aim at  Desire Academy is to work with a mission and purpose to achieve and ever expanding vision. It is our persistent pursuit to achieve the goal of providing complete education, in order to prepare the student to face life's challenges by equipping them with the sword of knowledge and armour of values.

To teach our children to face the the contemporary competitive world with grit and valour - to boldly meet the needs and aspirations of the ever changing and demanding times.

We provide opportunities to promote social, cultural, mental and physical growth.

We strive to develop a child's potential, recognise his/her ability and encourage positive self esteem in order to mould them into responsible citizen of tomorrow's India.

Dr. Mohammad Bilal Khan

B.com, LLB, HDSE, B.Ed, MBA, PGDHR, PhD.

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