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About School

About School

Last modified on: Sunday Aug 30, 2020

Desire Academy aims to be an institution of excellence, dedicated to producing students prepared to play their part in life and to appreciate true refinement and culture.

• To provide quality education for all including the poor and marginalized of the society.

• To give the students an all round education-moral, academic, social and physical.

• To maintain a sharp focus on the pursuit of knowledge and skill.

• To channelize the talents and energy of the students into creative community development and prepare them to be global citizens.

• To generate co-operation, team strip and solidarity rather than competition and individualism.

• To inculcate high ideals and principles with deep faith in God. 

DESIRE ACADEMY, MHOW is located in very peaceful and green environment where we provide the best education in lowest fees in the town. 

We have huge play grounds where student do their physical activities in form of games, yoga, PT, parred etc.

We provide computer education from class I onward in our modern and well equipped computer labs.

School is providing Secondary level education and is being managed by Private Unaided Organisation.

Medium of instruction is English language and school is Co-educational.

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